Hi. I'm Jake.

I'm primarily a Garry's Mod Lua programmer. I also enjoy working on websites using PHP and MySQL (and the dreaded HTML/CSS "code" that goes with them). I also occasionally write in C/C++, Python, Bash, and whatever other languages are intriguing for the day!

I take pride in making my projects highly efficient. I like things that are lean, small, and fast. You'll notice that I am not using any libraries or frameworks here on my website. I generally avoid such things because even though they are nice to look at, they exponentially increase the amount of data that the end user must download before being able to view the page! My graphics aren't the most beautiful, but I like keeping everything sleek and symmetrical, and, most importantly, organized and easy to use.

My Portfolio

A small modification to the default Trouble in Terrorist Town scoreboard to add a snowfalling effect.